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For me, one synchronicity is never enough.  So I always set an intention to receive three.

The last intention I set was about my book.  Not the "Be Your Own Card Reader" ebook that pretty much wrote itself but the big book - the full-length nonfiction book on energetic beings and the messages they share.  

Writing this book has been challenging for me. While, the the information is there, putting it into context has been surprisingly hard. 

There are a lot of reasons why this is the case.  One has to do with the way I receive my information. For me, communication comes spontaneously most of the time whether it comes in dreams, waking visions or inner voice communications. As a general rule, I do not do Q & A style channeling sessions.

On one hand, I like receiving these out of nowhere communications. Allowing the information to drop in spontaneously means that there is very little of me in it and to me that is validating. But operating in the manner means that I don't get an answer to every question.  And there has been a question I needed answered.

It was where is this information coming from?  And who are my guides exactly?

They are real to me because the experience they share is evidential.  By this I mean that it checks out. And the info they have given me on themselves checks out too. I have learned things from them about history and geography and mythology that I just plain didn't know before they told me. 

But I was never sure quite what to call them. I tried thinking of them as angels or spirit guides or deities.  Each of those categories sort of fit and each sort of didn't. None was exactly wrong but none was exactly right either. And I needed one to be right. For the book. For the blog. For myself.

I needed to know. So I asked. And three synchronicities followed.

The first synchronicity came at the last place I would have expected - the October MUFON UFO conference in Philadelphia PA. In a way it was odd that I even ended up at the convention. I don't remember how I heard about it. But somehow I knew that I had to go.  

Sitting in the audience, I was surprised to hear that while many of the speakers did think of extraterrestrials in the traditional 3D way, others saw them as energetic beings trying to help the planet earth.

This struck a chord because, just a few weeks earlier I'd received a specific and completely out of the blue message about extraterrestrial beings. In that message, I was told that as highly advanced beings ETs have the ability to appear to us as energy beings and that they have been doing this since the very beginning.

On the long ride home, it occurred to me that, my message and the convention information I'd heard had created my first synchronicity.

My next experience involved a very trustworthy friend who shared her own personal extraterrestrial experience, explaining that it was something she never talks about but decided to share with me after reading something I'd posted. Her experience was seemingly 3D but she experienced energetic communication as well.

I was touched by her courage and impressed by her absolute credibility. It occurred to me that of all the accounts I have heard this was completely believable to me because I knew and trusted the person involved.  This, I realized, was synchronicity number two.

The third synchronicity happened when my friend Tara dropped by unexpectedly to exchange tarot readings.

One of the cards that came up when she read for me was the Hermit card.  As Tara looked at the card, she had a vision of a red Merkaba star and clearly saw red lines transporting the energy from one point to the next.  A few moments, later she pulled a card from the Doreen Virtue Ascended Master deck that had a very similar image.  

A Merkaba, as you may know, is considered to be an energetic vehicle capable of transporting someone to the higher dimensions by some - or an alien space craft by others. That both these concepts are represented by the Merkaba mirrored the information I'd already received.

Oddly, this is where all of this began for eight years ago.  First I met my guides in the dream I call the Spirit Dream.  Then I began to have experiences I could not explain. When I began to read New Age and channeled material those experiences intensified.

For me, however, there was too much about the New Age approach that felt a lot like imagination. I didn't want imagination.  I wanted the truth and for me the truth has high standards.  Now I can see that I wasn't wrong to have standards.  I was just wrong to feel like I couldn't deal with so-called New Age concepts in my own way.

So here I am.  Having come full circle, right back to the place that I started from in 2008, thinking about Pleiadians and Sirians and ancient aliens and angelic beings and energetic communication and DNA activation and all of that crazy stuff.  Except that it isn't crazy.  It's real.

And I guess it's taken that long for me to get to a place where I have the courage to believe, and write about, something that a lot of people don't understand or might even make fun of.  Good for me.

* To read more about the Hermit please see the following post on my favorite tarot card: Happy World Tarot Day: Please Pick a Card!

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