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My space, complete with dawning winter sun.
I have seen a lot of anger recently. And I have expressed some too.

Politically, our country is polarized. People are calling each other names and thinking the worst. 

Personally, I have been disappointed over the direction a key relationship is headed. And I have channeled that disappointment into some very angry words.

For many of us, it is easier to channel things then it is to feel them and I have found that this is particularly true of disappointment and grief. Unfortunately for all involved however, channeling our disappointment into anger creates an energy that is as powerful as it is destructive - to others and to ourselves.

Because we want to feel empowered, we agree to pay that price.

The energy of anger mobilizes us. It fuels our determination. It give us strength. It propels us to courage. While it might be the quickest path to power, however, is not the only or the surest path and the cost we pay for expediency is high.

Anger is damaging and divisive. It feeds an unhealthy narrative that pushes us further and further apart. It allows us to take our positions on the distal ends of the continuum of relationships and issues in the realm of absolutes - where our position is absolutely right and the other position, the one so far from our, is absolutely wrong. If we're honest, however, late at night when no one else is listening we acknowledge our lies. 

Dropping our false narrative isn't easy. Because we know that when we stop believing in our own absolute truth, we have to stop believing in our enemy's absolute wrong. But if we don't stop believing in those things the chasm between us will widen and any connection we might have felt will be lost

For me, both politically and personally, the time for name calling and blaming has passed. For me, it's time to take responsibility for the war that I have waged and the weapons I have fired.

There are times when reconciliation is possible and there are times when it's not. But if we don't release the energy of anger we will never accommodate the energy of peace. And the real truth is that this is the energy we need - the energy that makes it possible for us to gather up the pieces and walk away.  The energy that makes it possible to believe that something better awaits.

A reading on my path.

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