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Earlier this week, I received a telepathic message from my guides. "When you dream of a classroom," they said, "know that we are there to teach."

And so, in light of that message, I find it interesting that on Friday morning, I dreamt that I was in school.  

Class was just about to start and the teacher was at the front of the room talking to students. The air around her was almost vibrating with an incredibly peaceful and very resonant energy.  

And, while I couldn't quite place it, I knew that energy was familiar.

All around me, other students were coming in and taking their seats so I sat down too, eager to learn whatever it was that this amazing woman was about to share. 

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone I knew - a woman I was finding it hard to communicate with in my everyday life.  A few seat in front of her, was a second woman who posed a similar problem.

Not so coincidentally, I had gone bed the night before asking for guidance on this very issue.

The women on the other side of the classroom looked at each other and rolled their eyes and I was acutely aware of how much they disliked me. Annoyed, I reacted maturely and rolled my eyes too. 

Later on in the hallway, I told the teacher all about the eye rolling and the communcation issues and the unkind glances. Together, we talked about the possibility of alternate class placement. While she agreed this was best course of action, I couldn't help noticing her air of sadness. 

Later that morning, I jotted the dream down in my journal, remembering that I'd received a message about guidance in classrooms just a few days before. 

While I couldn't clearly recall the physical appearance of the dream teacher, I remembered that I had recognized the energy. As I thought about that energy, I felt more and more certain that she was one of my guides. The beautiful star guide to whom I feel closest.  

I knew that my guide felt sad for the women and sad for me.  I knew that she wished I'd handled things differently - even though I wase sure just how that could have been done.

But that wasn't the message I was being sent. 

The real message was that this issue has been too much for me. I am not my guide. I am not the teacher. I'm not even the serious student who struggles to tune out distractions. I'm the third grader at the back of the class, more aware of schoolroom drama then I am the lesson. 

And, while it might not be especially flattering, it isn't really such a bad message. Because the truth is there are worse things than knowing who you really are and where you are at and how much ground there is to cover. 

As always, the information is greatly appreciated.

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