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On Friday night, I felt anxious and worried about a lot of different things. So I asked my guides for validation that I was on the right track and that they were with me. 

Early the next morning I had a dream.  

In the dream, I saw several numbers, clear as day, on each side of a wide divide. On one side of the divide was a 77 and on the other side was a 248 - or was it a 648? 

By the time I found my dream journal, I wasn't sure, but I did know that those numbers would turn out to be important to me. 

So I bought three lottery tickets at $1 each. 77 on the PA lottery Pick Two. And two more dollars on 248 and 648 (straight and boxed) respectively on the Pick Three.  

Later that night 248 came in (boxed) as 482. Based on the advice of my guides I had one the lottery to the tune of $40.

That win was meaningful to me for several reasons. The first had to do with the reason why I associated my dream numbers with the lottery to begin with.  

I made the lottery association because a friend had also dreamed of numbers and then gone on to win the lottery. Not so coincidentally, this was the same friend whose experience had served as a recent sign that I was on the right path. I found that I liked the idea that I'd been given a sign that a sign was leading me in the right direction.

I also liked that I'd told my boys I was playing the lottery based on three numbers I received in a dream - before I bought my ticket. Because, while my family is mostly supportive of what I do, not all family members believe it and I like to think that proof is in the pudding.

The experience also caused me to reevaluate my ideas about time and prophecy. While I did not come to any new conclusions, the event did not confirm or deny which is better than nothing.  As such, I continue to believe
A) Time is not strictly linear in the higher dimensions so information is available there that is not available here.  And / or:  
B)  Advanced beings can directly manipulate physical reality - which is an idea I find very appealing.   
Naturally, on a personal level, I was happy to know that my guides are with me on my recent life path change and actively doing their best to be involved and responsive.  It bodes well for me and well for the book.  

And I liked being reminded that they are perfectly happy to be of practical (as well as spiritual) help.  How many winning numbers have been sent in my direction and missed is anybody's guess.

Which brings me to last and most predictable way in which this affected me. 

Try as I might, I just couldn't help thinking about how smart it would have been to spend $20 or maybe even 200 on lottery tickets. 40 to 1 wins, after all, don't come around often.  And 800 or 8000 dollar would have been a lot more than 40.  

But that, I told myself, wasn't the point.  

Or was it?

Like all multidimensional experiences this particular expedience said multiple things.  

It said that I could trust my path (again) and that respect (when it comes to family) is less tell than it is show.  It reminded me that there are mysteries at work here that are observable and therefore ultimately understandable.  It reassured me that my guides can do their part in handling the day to day down to earth stuff and nudged me to do my part by working even harder to be a better (and more confident) receiver.  

And it said something about greed and something more about trust.

Greed, I am reminded isn't actually about money or even about things.  Greed is about wanting something we don't have, yes, but that something is never really material.  We desire things, like grand turn of the century houses and brand new cars, because we really want stability and beauty and safety.  We want other people to love us because we really want to value ourselves.  We want to win big on our guide's advice because we really want to completely and fully trust.

As in, I want to completely and fully trust. And that is what is my request for validation was really all about.  

Trust isn't something we make up our mind about or resolve to do. Trust is something we build, brick by brick, and step by step.  There is a give and a take to it that is always absolutely required.  I have been taking and I have been giving.  But I have been giving less.

That is going to change!

*For more on the sign (before the sign) please see: Synchronicity Times Three: Coming Full Circle, From Confusion to Clarity

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