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February 10th will bring a (Full Moon) Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees Leo.  

Eclipses are considered to be highly transformative, opening gateways to new or evolving life path events. And I think it's relevant that the number 22 is considered the master builder that brings dreams into being.  

Because the sign of Leo is equal parts creativity and strength it makes sense to expect the influence of this eclipse to pack a punch.

Even an ordinary (non eclipse) Full Moon offers an enormous energetic impetus in the direction of change.  While this energy isn't always comfortable, it can power us over (or through) significant obstacles.

To me Leo is about generosity and confidence.  Mixing in Leo's innate creativity, it's easy to see how these traits have a great deal to offer.  The trick, of course, is to correctly channel this incredible energy.

In the days leading up to the Full Moon, I have trouble sleeping.  I lie awake and meditate or work on my lucid dreaming or listen to audio meditation.  But I also think.  I think about the things that are working in my life and the things that are not.  When morning comes I journal on the good and the bad and when I'm done, I'm left with new insights and connections.

This process isn't necessarily an easy one but it is important.

For this Full Moon / Eclipse, you may want to share in that process. Think about what you want to bring into being.  Let yourself daydream about the future you don't usually even admit that you want.  Ask yourself what am I afraid of and why?  Ask yourself where do I want to be next week, month, next year?

On Friday night, light a yellow candle and imagine it all and then send it out on the energetic waves of the Full Leo Moon.

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