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Last Monday I started a new radio show.  I called it "Indigo Sunrise."

One reason I chose this name is because I have had the URL for a while now and it made sense to point it at something.

More importantly, however, I liked the idea of doing a show that would be of use to Indigo Adults, and Lightworkers and featured the messages I get from my guides who I have always strongly associated with the energy of blue. Which is why I got the URL in the first place!

I decided that in each show I would share a new message from my guides and do a short reading with the intention that the information given would speak to anyone who tuned in. I decided that I would take callers but not for individual readings. Because I wanted the content to be of interest to everyone who was listening.

I began by experimenting with a short daily broadcast.  It was fun.  But three days in, I realized that doing even a 15 or 20 minute show every morning was going to take a BIG chunk out of my writing time. And making my writing my number one priority is the theme of 2017.

So I decided to do a weekly show every Monday morning at 7 AM ET. This will give me an opportunity to share a message for the week ahead, as well as provide a weekly oracle and tarot card reading. I feel that an inspiring message (and reading) might be a nice way for some people to start the week. And I trust that my guides will give the message that our listeners most need to hear.

It's my hope that people will see how synchronistic the combination of direct inner voice guidance and card reading can be. And I think the first two shows (below) are a good example of just how well that can work.

I also hope that the show will encourage people to seek out their own guidance through card reading.  And I plan to share some of the info from my soon to be released ebook "Be Your Own Card Reader" on-air as well.*

To listen to my first two "pilot" episodes please click on the players below! (Each is under 20 minutes in length.)

Tuesday February 21st 2017  Individual & Collective Evolution:

Monday February 20th 2017  Conflict as an Opportunity to Teach:

To follow"Indigo Sunrise" please visit my show page at and click 'follow.'  At show time you'll have the option on listening via that page or through your phone - at (929) 477-3771.  You can easily get to the same page on any device by going to

You can also always listen to the show anytime in archive.  I post the new episode to my website at before 8 AM ET so you can catch it there or on my BlogTalk show page.   Episodes will also show up here on the blog - in the 'Featured Radio Episode' sidebar.

Please let me know what you think!

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