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Cross I made with my friends on Thursday!
(adapted from Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura)

Make a cross to hang over your front door or in your kitchen.

Place a red (or any) votive candle center to the front of the door, with cross in hand, light the candle, open the door, and say:

"We welcome in the Goddess and seek the turning of the wheel away from winter and into spring. Great Lady, enter with the sun and watch over this house!"

Close the door, take up the candle, and go to the kitchen.

Say: "Mother of the Earth and the Sun Keep us safe and keep us warm, As over our home you extend your blessing."

Allow the candle to burn out on its own. Hang your cross up in your kitchen or over your front door.

How to make a Brigid's Cross:


To learn more about the goddess Brigid please check out Lunaea Weatherstone's wonderful book "Tending Brigid's Flame" which I have reviewed here!

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