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The sign of Pisces is creative and intuitive, carrying with it the energy of imagination and deep inner growth.

And this is what makes today's Piscean Solar Eclipse plus New Moon in Pisces especially exciting.

During the Solar Eclipse the Moon is directly between the Earth and Sun, blocking but also absorbing the Sun's radiating energy.  And today both the Sun and the New Moon are in Pisces.

In today's Solar Eclipse, the Moon will pass in front of the sun, creating a brilliant ring of sunlight (called the ring of fire) visible from areas in and around the southern Atlantic Ocean. 

The New Moon or dark Moon is, as Demetra George has said, the true face of the Moon when no sunlight is reflect. This darkness is not a void however. It is a time of endings and beginnings - though it is usually the endings that we feel most.

While the Solar energy of Fire, does provide a strong initiating spark, today, the element of Water of water is key. Water is associated with the sign of Pisces  as well as with the Moon itself. Additionally Neptune is a Water planet, and today Neptune aspects both the Moon and Sun in a powerful conjunction.
So what does all this mean?

The first thing that strikes me is the power this day brings. It is not, from my perspective, an easy or gentle kind of power. It more like the power we see in Spring when the snow melts in the mountains and the water rockets through the creeks and streams, overflowing banks, and carrying away all the accumulated debris of Winter.

We can harness that power by participating instead of resisting. By identifying what we no longer need and allowing it to be cleared away. But today isn't just about releasing.  It is also about setting our course and starting over. And in that respect the energies that are aligning are very, very special.

Sunday is the first day of the week. The New Moon is the first Moon of a new cycle. Eclipses are all about new starts. Pisces and Neptune are about dissolving AND reimagining.

The energies in play are all about new beginnings, intuition and imagination. Today is the perfect day to let go, yes.  But it also the perfect to envision, or event reinvent, our future.

Take some time today to do just that.  Begin by reflecting. Journal on what you want to release and why and then turn toward the future.

Think about what you want to create. Let your imagination flow. Make a list.  Set a goal.  Craft an affirmation. Then take a few moments to go within and wait for your Piscean vision.

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