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I have to admit that I have a hot and cold relationship with New Age thought.  

I love New Age positivity and the idea that we are all players in the process of worldwide spiritual evolution. And it IS cheering to think that global enlightenment is waiting just around the bend. 

But, to me, it feels like enlightenment might be too strong of a word.

We are, after all, living in a world that is deeply, and sometimes horrifically, flawed. So flawed in fact that when I think of a golden age of complete spiritual transformation I have a little trouble imagining how we could get from here to there in a single jump.

But I do know, thanks to my guides, that a very real and very spiritual evolutionary jump is very much on our collective horizon.

From a global standpoint, that jump is essential.  Once made, humanity will (from a collective perspective) be more empathetic, more psychic, more spiritual and more connected.  We will not become a planet of ascended masters (as some have hoped) but we will be much better prepared to participate in an evolving, and ascending, society.

Right here and right now, however, the energy of the old is still very much with us - which is one reasons why it is so important for us to be realistic in our appraisal of where we are in this and what we still need to do.

For me some of these to-do's are personal, while others are more community based.  And I rely heavily on my guides to help me with this oftentimes challenging process.  

This week I'm happy to say that my guides confirmed my ideas about where we are in terms of the greater cycle by waking me up to say, "The shift is at the top. For now the souls in the Dwapara will bring in the necessary energy."

To me this aligns with the information provided by Yogananda (on behalf of his guru Sri Yukteswar Giri) in regard to the 'Great Year' of the Hindu Yuga Cycle.  In that cycle a 24 to 26 thousand year circuit takes us from ascension point A to ascension point B.  

We are, per my guides, in the Dwapara or Energy Age just as Sri Yukteswar Giri posited.

So while we are not on the verge of a global age of enlightenment quite yet, we are part of the process of bringing in the energy that will help make that age a reality.  This is something, I think, that most of us already knew.  

Those of us who came in as early Indigoes or Lightworkers have always known we were marching to a different beat.  It's no real surprise to us to here that what we are here to do isn't going to be easy or that things are suddenly going to fall into place overnight. 

But it is good to be reminded that we are going in the right direction and that, with the help of our guides, we can serve as emissaries for the light.

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