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Do physical attachments and toxins impact our spiritual evolution?

In today's episode of Indigo Sunrise my guides share a special message on physical clearing, alignment and supplementation and the relationship of the physical to our spiritual process.

I found it especially interesting that this message almost immediately proceeded the New Moon in Aries because, to me, the New Moon has a strong and very resonant energy that helps facilitate dissolution and release.

Once again the messages my guides share are very resonant with the astrology of the week.  The card reading that followed was interesting as well.  Not sure why I didn't make the connection between the Ascended Master card of Moses at the Red Sea and escape from bondage!

For this week's Lunar / Solar / New Moon update, a channeled message on intersection of health and spirit, and the reading of the week, please click the player below (or click the buttons on the right to download or embed).  

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