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Why do so many of us on this evolving path feel compelled to share our message?

Certainly there is no quick pay off.  Most of us, in fact, could be doing something else (for a lot more money :) and yet we persist.

I believe that we do so because this is part of our programming and that, in this stage of our collective and planetary evolution, more and more of us are expressing that inner life path directive through various types of media.

Being a messenger is not an easy walk.  But the deck I want to talk about today can make that journey just a little bit easier!

The Doreen Virtue Archangel Gabriel Cards are called "creativity cards from the messenger angel" and they are aimed at those of us who are in the process of sharing our own spiritual or energetic message.

Gabriel, as anyone who follows this blog knows, has always been close to my heart.  And, while I now look at the guidance I receive from a more galactic perspective, I still think of Gabriel as a being of light and an important member of my energetic team.

The Archangel Gabriel deck is cut from the same sturdy card stock used in all Doreen Virtue decks.  It has lovely gold and green backs and borders and shiny gilded edges.  Like all of Doreen's decks, it is pretty.

The cards feature many beautiful old world style paintings giving the Archangel Gabriel deck  a decidedly traditional feel.  But it's the not so traditional messages that really set this deck apart.  Great messages being, of course, exactly what we should expect from Gabriel!

The messages on this deck are geared toward contemporary communicators.  They offer targeted and very helpful advice on craft, inspiration, specific actions and receiving guidance.  I have found them to be relevant and meaningful.

A few examples include:

Media: You can reach more people by working with video, audio, print and online media. (A card I pulled several times!)

Ask for what you Want: Clear communication with yourself, with God, and with others helps you avoid misunderstandings and speeds up the process of answered prayers.

Time Management: Place your priorities at the top of your to-do list, and don't allow distractions to deter you focus.

This is what is written on the cards themselves.  Much more info given in the very well-written booklet.

You may feel that these are messages that would work well for any struggling messenger and, while that isn't wrong, I have noticed that this deck is very synchronistic.  By this I mean that, for me, instead of getting just any helpful message I've been getting those I most needed to hear. Sometimes (as always happens when we're not really paying attention to our team) more than once!

The two readings I share here were drawn several days apart.  The first asked about my writing.  While I intended that the reading include my soon to be released ebook (Be Your Own Card Reader) I especially wanted advice on the longer print book in progress, Messages from the Star People.

These are the cards I received. The top three cards represent past present and future.  The descending cards are action steps I should take.  The tarot card indicates what I might expect if I proceed as suggested.

Interestingly, I have already had the first half of the book I was asking about edited in a wonderful class I took and had recently asked the same editor to work on the second half when ready (Editing card).  I have also just recently progressed in allowing myself to receive channeled information without over thinking it (Allow Yourself to Receive) and do work with my dreams (Pay Attention to Your Dreams) a lot.  So, to me, everything fit.

The next reading, done about four days later, addressed my general direction as a messenger.  This includes the books certainly.  But it also includes my radio show / podcast and my astrological studies.  In this reading I laid the cards out as past, present, advice, near and distant future.

Take a moment if you will to compare these two readings because this is where the synchronicity comes in!

The first thing you'll notice is that after several days plus multiple shuffles and cuts the same two cards came up.  The Daily Practice card isn't in the present anymore it's in the near future telling me that I need to get back on track (true and true).  You'll also notice that the past card in this reading, Blockages Lifted, has a similar message to the past card in the first reading I did (Allow Yourself to Receive). 

Through the advice card (Helping Children) this reading I believe that I received an answer to a question the previous reading triggered about a very specific dream I had.  This dream involved agents, editors and writing a young adult fiction manuscript and I did not pay a lot of attention to it.  So, even though, that's something that lies beyond my current projects, I believe that the Pay Attention to Your Dreams card is suggesting that this work of fiction may be up next.

Happily, as always, I'm promised more guidance through my dreams.

While I loved these cards and the synchronicity of them way they echoed and reoccurred, my favorite card in both these readings is this one:

Express Your Inner Truth:  Your creative work shines brightest when it reflects your genuine feelings and thoughts.

That message touched me because its true and I love that it really is just exactly where I'm at now!

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