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Astrologer, Mary English
A UK astrologer by the name of Mary English has noted a similarity between the birth charts of her many Indigo clients. The similarity consists of an uneven distribution of planets on one side of the chart, usually confined to six adjacent houses or less.

English has also identified a tendency for the planets Neptune and Uranus to be either conjunct or in close proximity in the charts of recent Indigos, and steadily approaching each other in the charts of earlier Indigo individuals.

In addition to data gathered from her private practice, English has compared birth charts belonging to a number of members of The Indigo Network and reports having found this pattern present in the charts of all persons who self-identify as Indigos.

I have included my own birth chart below. Note the bowl shaped concentration of planets in adjacent houses eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve and one. Also note that while Neptune and Uranus are not conjunct, they are positioned in houses eleven and nine (with a single house between them).

Isn't this fascinating?

August 22nd in a time long ago.

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