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Tomorrow is the Spring (or Vernal) Equinox - and the first day of Spring!

On this day the Sun will rise in the East and set 12 hours later (plus 10 minutes due to the refraction of light) in the West.  We have been gaining light since the Winter Solstice and tomorrow, Monday March 20th 2017, light and dark are balanced.  And it's all downhill from there.

We will continue to gain light, and lose darkness, in fact, everyday until the Summer Solstice!  

Tomorrow  at 6:29 AM ET (just a little more than half and hour before sunrise) the Sun leaves the deep, intuitive and emotive sign of Pisces and bursts into Aries. And I, for one, am ready.

Aries, like the season it initiates, carries with it the forceful energy of new projects and new growth. It gives us the oomph and the optimism to try new things, to believe in ourselves and move forward.

Aries is a fire sign as well, with a strong association to the light.

Not surprisingly, I find that all of this aligns perfectly with the guidance I have been receiving.  As we leave Pisces (aided by the pull of the waning moon) we have the opportunity to release some of what we have been holding onto and gain the space we need to make way for the new.  

Which makes tomorrow on the very first day of the new astrological year the perfect time let go of some of our heaviest baggage - the things we hold against ourselves.

So it's no coincidence from my perspective, that my guides gave me not only a message but a process from letting go of guilt and embracing self-forgiveness.

As I understand it, they will be adding to that process but I will be sure to share it when it is complete.  Please begin with holding a space of compassion for yourself.

Wishing you a blessed and healing first day of the coming season <3

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