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One thing I love about getting spiritual guidance is that the information I receive is always evolving. Since the thing I'm really really after is spiritual evolution, to me, evolving guidance makes a lot of sense.

Ongoing evolution (AKA change) can be a little disconcerting, however. Especially when you've already made a decision or come up with a format or put things in place. As I have done, with my newish radio show, Indigo Sunrise.

I started Indigo Sunrise with a big thumbs up from my guides and my own ideas about a specific format for the show. That format was:
  1. Weekly solar / lunar update
  2. Channeled / inner voice message plus interpretation
  3. Tarot / oracle card reading for the week to come
I scheduled the show for every Monday morning at 7 AM on Blog Talk Radio, chose a podcast provider (Podbean), made a website on the Podbean site and started the show.

By the second or third broadcast I began to notice that the inner voice / channeled messages I was receiving could be applied in more than one way (which is typical of most multidimensional messages). In this case that application was prophetic (a heads up for me and others on the week ahead) as well as inclusive or broader in scope. So I decided to take the channeled message (and sometimes the card reading as well) and feature it on my YouTube Channel so people could listen whenever they chose.

As I relistened in order to do my YouTube edits, I began to notice that some of the information I was receiving was perfect for the next chapter in my in-process book (Messages From the Star People). Responsively, my guides began to share not only the short message I had requested at the start of the show but an in depth interpretation that quickly filled in the blanks for chapter five.  And then with this week's message those in depth interpretations stopped.

I was now back to interpreting the message all on my own.

I was a little disappointed to be back to doing all my own work but I knew that the change wasn't arbitrary.  Through experience, in fact, I have learned that every change my guides make has a purpose.  I was pretty sure that part of this purpose was to signal me that I now I had what I needed to finish chapter five and that it was time to do just that.

But I also knew that multidimensional messages have multidimensional meanings.  So I decided to look at the message and figure what else it might have to say.

The message was:

Information has been encoded or embedded for you as an aid to your awakening. Look for it in your external world. It may come to you in the form of signs or synchronicities, through situations, or through the words of others.

As I read and reread the message, I remembered how I had felt myself drawn to the idea of reviewing a book I was reading on air, instead of sharing the in depth message that week.  Comparing the message I'd received to my idea, I remembered something I had sort of forgot.

I get my guidance in many different ways.  While this guidance is always related (either directly or indirectly) to the same pair of interstellar guides the message itself might be delivered through a spiritual dream, a clairvoyant vision, a clear inner voice communications - or an unexpected synchronicity that leads straight to some really amazing resources.

And I thought, why shouldn't my show talk about it all?  Why limit myself to inner voice communications?  Why not share dreams and visions and synchronicities and resources?

Taking my own advice (found in the lunar update in the episode below) I'm using the influence of today's waxing Cancer Moon to mull over any change I might want to make to the show.  And then I'll put those changes into effect.

So please check back.

You can hear the episode that guided me below.  Maybe it will speak to you as well?

It is embedded guidance and self-reliance and the many ways our guides speak to us.

And don't forget you can follow the show on both Podbean and BlogTalk and enter my free reading giveaway twice!

The sunrise mentioned in the podcast!

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