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My guides tell me that classification is a mostly linear activity that makes a lot more sense in the third dimension then it does in the fifth - but for some reason I keep coming back to it.  

One of things I keep coming back to, in particular, is the classification of various energetic beings. I know a bit about guides and avatars thanks to my team but am still a little fuzzy on angels and archangels and ascended masters. 

So recently I asked my guides for more information. Their advice? Do some ground level research and get back to us.

This isn't the first time they've told me this. As a matter of fact, I get sent in this direction more often than I like to admit. That is because while my guides (like most guides) are happy to teach, they don't necessarily believe in spoon-feeding. In other words, they like to see me learn on my own. Often this is how they want me to prepare for whatever it is they want to share next. And just like preparing for a challenging lesson or class, it works.

So I did the research as directed and one of the most interesting things I learned is that (while archaic resources are really confusing) it is generally pretty well accepted that the ancients made a very clear connection between angels and star systems. 

To the ancient astrologers, in fact, the four key stars of the heavens were also known as the "Archangel Stars" and their associations were as follows (Eric Morse, The Living Stars, p.35.):

The Star Regulus, now at 29 degrees Leo - (the star of kings) known as the heart of the lion in the constellation of Leo, and most important of the four. Associated with the watcher of the North, Raphael. Considered to be very important in the birth chart. Regarded almost as a planet itself. (Also kind of surprisingly the fixed star in my chart.) 

The Star Fomalhaut currently at 3 degrees Pisces - also known as the fish's mouth in the constellation of Pisces or the stream of water being poured out by the Water Bearer. Associated with the Archangel Gabriel, the watcher of the South.

The Star Alderbaran at 9 degrees Gemini - the left eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus. Often associated with the Archangel Michael, "Military Commander of the Heavenly Host." The watcher of the East. 

The Star Antares at Sagittarius 9 - the heart of the scorpion in the constellation of Scorpio. The Archangel Uriel, the watcher of the West.  

While I enjoyed learning about the older associations between angels and stars I do have to say that some don't personally resonate for me. I see Michael as more Leo and Raphael as more Scorpio, for example, and would probably put Gabriel in the East (and in Gemini) instead of the South.  But this isn't really the point.

The point, from my perspective, is that from very ancient times, the four archangels were associated with the watchers (astrologically as noted above and in the book of Enoch), as well as with the four faces of Ezekiel's chariot.

The faces in Ezekiel's vision were, as you recall, a lion (Regulus), man (Fomalhaut), Bull (Alderbaran) and Eagle - the first symbol for Scorpio (Antares).

To me, all of this is interesting because a good case has been made by various authors connecting the watchers, and Ezekiel's chariot to extraterrestrial, or perhaps more correctly extra-dimensional, beings.

And because on a personal level I have experienced some interesting synchronicities on or around these topics.

Does this mean that the beings of light we call angels are the same beings of light that some of us relate to as higher interdimensional guides?

I can't explicitly say.  Classifying energetic beings is a little like herding cats. Just when you think you might be progressing someone veers off in a completely different direction. But my own, subjective yet direct, spiritual experience tells me that the association between higher energetic beings and angels is valid.

And now, based on this most recent bit of research, it seems to me that the ancients (who were, I have been told, much closer to all of this than we are) probably agreed.

So the next question is - does it matter if angels are highly evolved energetic beings or some carefully labeled form of divinity?

According to my guides, it does. 

My guides want us to understand that there is no true separation between higher energetic beings and those of us here on the ground. They want us to understand that we are not subject to the nonexistent dividing line of divinity. They want to know that we (whether angel or Pleiadian or human being) are, in many ways, very much alike.

Angels and archangels and deities and ascended masters are valuable resources - and role models - for humans.  And we humans (I am often told) are meant to understand that we are ALL on the same path - regardless of our apparent energetic differences. This is why my guides (who can and have been placed into all the energetic being categories we have discussed) are not especially interested in categories or names or terminology.

For me, however, it is still helpful to explore all resonant categories. Doing so helps me to understand that in some subtle, yet infinitely expanded capacity, many of the assigned labels are describing what is essentially a very similar thing.

A being of light, is a being of light.

Whether we identify as Seraphim or Cherubim or Pleiadian or human, deep inside we all possess a remarkably homogeneous spark of the same shimmery and very holy light.

And no matter how long we have been on the road or how far we have come, we are all traveling in what, I very much want to believe, is essential the same ever evolving direction.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday Sunday filled with the blessings of whatever angel, ascended master, deity or star person you call friend.

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