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I did a reading yesterday with the Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot using a new 6 card spread I've been working with.

One of the things I found interesting was how the cards I pulled reminded me of just how much different decks can change the feel of the reading. 

The two cards that really jumped out at me was the 8 of Earth  (future) and the 9 of Water (potential).

To me the Rider Waite Smith 8 of Pentacles could suggest various forms of learning or craft work but Angel Tarot 8 of Pentacles resonates because of the books. 

While I do some hands on stuff, I'm studying astrology and some other metaphysical topics from books and I felt that this card validated that direction in a very specific way. 

I found the progression of colors from green to blue to violet in the Angel Tarot 8 of Earth interesting as well because to me this implies spiritual growth which I don't necessarily get from the RWS. I also feel it might be telling me to get outside more - something I would not have got from the other 8!

I found the contrast between the Angel Tarot 9 of Water and the RWS interesting as well.  The  9 of Water shows the cups beneath the water, suggesting that dreams are manifesting from the inner realm of the subconscious - while the RWS 9 of Cups has a very different feel.


This is one of the reasons why I love having many different decks.  I do use the RWS quite a bit but for this reading I felt drawn to the Angel Tarot.  The cards I drew from the Angel Tarot validated my current path and emphasized the importance of manifesting my dreams.

And this was exactly what I needed to hear!

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