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Valeriy Kot "The Flower of her Soul"
Recently I have developed an interest in Gnosticism which is a topic for another post - because I wanted to share two books here that helped kick it off in this one

The first is the Gnostic Mystery by Randy Davilla. The second is The Expected One  by Kathleen McGowan.

What I find intersting is that neither one of these books are deep metaphysical treatises on the nature of reality. They are works of fiction.

In The Gnostic Mystery we follow an American business man on a very human journey through the holyland. In doing so, we learn a great deal about the beliefs of the Gnostics but we do so in a accessible (and very digestible way). 

In the pages of The Gnostic Mystery, we also get a subtle and, at times, very moving glimpse into the complex nature of Israeli-Palestinian society.

In The Expected One we learn more about history, perhaps, than Gnosticism proper but, as in The Gnostic Mystery, the author presents what can be very dry (and confusing) information in a very readable and engaging manner.  

The storyline of The Expected One centers on the Jesus / Mary Magdalene bloodline theory in a way that is less detailed than that of Holy Blood, Holy Grail (a book I read in the 80s and am rereading now) and much more believable than that of The Da Vinci Code (which I must admit I liked). But I do have to say that, when it comes to the theory itself, I am still not convinced.

For me personally, the closer I get to Gnosticism, the more I like to think of Mary Magdalene as the strong female leader of the early Christian Church and less the wife of Jesus - which is not to say, of course, that she could not have been both.  

In summary, I recommend both books to anyone with a passing interest in the Gnostics.  Each offers believable characters. Each is a suspenseful and entertaining read.  As a bonus, both these books are very likely to teach you something about Gnosticism that you didn't know before - in their own very disticnctive way.

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