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Inner Peace Owner Donna Will
On Sunday, I attended the Grand Opening of the new Inner Peace Health, Healing and Wellness Center in Wilkes-Barre PA - just a short distance from my home in Pittston.

Both Pittston and Wilkes-Barre are located in Northeast PA which is, in many respects, a very traditional place. Most people are Catholic. Many attend church every week. Mainstream views about health care are typical.

And alternative or holistic approaches to spirituality OR healing are sometimes regarded with suspicion. 

All of which made Inner Peace, the first alternative healing center in our area, a very hard sell back in 2011 when owner Donna Will first hung out her shingle!

Donna began Inner Peace because she wanted to share what she had learned about holistic healing with others. Her experience was based on her own remarkable recovery from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (or RSD) coupled with extensive training in the Edgar Cayce healing modalities, Eden Energy Healing, Reiki, Metaphysics and more. 

Because of this experience and training and her own innate abilities, Donna is an incredible healer whose holistic modalities really do work - as I learned firsthand.

In 2015 I was faced with the prospect of a painful and extensive surgery.  Having tried herbal remedies with no success, I turned to Donna for treatment - and in a few short months my condition (tenosynovitis or severe inflammation of the tendons of my right hand) resolved completely and painlessly with none of the troubling complications I might have experienced through surgery.

But Inner Peace isn't "only" a resource for health and healing, it is a resource for learning and personal development as well - which is why you can find me there almost every week!

Workshops at Inner Peace offer a range of training and experience in practices like Reiki, Crystal therapy, Akashic Record Reading, the Seven Sacred Flames, and more.

Classes and groups explore such topics as meditation, metaphysics, psychic development, sound healing, and tarot reading.

And all are very reasonably priced.

While I love participating in these wonderful workshops and classes, for me one of the best things about Inner Peace is the sense of community it provides - and I was especially aware of this on Sunday as I talked to old and new friends while enjoying the amazing energy of the brand new location.

Situated in the 315 Plaza just a short distance from the Woodlands Inn and Resort in Wilkes-Barre PA, this new space has a great deal to offer.  

In the entrance there is a lovely retail area where crystals, jewelry, salt lamps, windchimes, essential oils, smudge sticks and many other fascinating products are displayed.  

Several beautiful treatments rooms, each painted in a different color, provide a resonant space for modalities such as aromatherapy, detox, colon hydrotherapy, energy therapy, lymphatics, massage, and reiki

In the back, a big bright open room with enormous windows and soft sunset orange walls provides a lovely view of the valley.  This is where many of the groups and workshops (including my own Tarot Circle!) are held and where most of Sunday's socializing took place.

I had great time and encourage everyone near and far to check out the beautiful and very resonant new location.  

Thanks Donna, for all you do!
  • To learn more about Inner Peace, please visit the Inner Peace website or facebook page!
  • To learn more about the next event I'm attending (7 Sacred Flames) please call Inner Peace or see the 7 Sacred Flames event page here.
  • For more about Inner Peace's Summer Psychic Fair please check out the facebook event page (and if you attend please stop by my table for a reading or just to say hello).
  • For more about Tarot Circle and our monthly Metaphysical group, please check out the NEPA Metaphysical Meetup page.
Table of Rev. Dr. Anthony V. Wojnar D.D., RMT (Instructor of the July 15th 7 Sacred Flames Course I'll be attending)

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