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My American Federation of Astrologers Materials
I was introduced to astrology in the seventies beginning through Linda Goodman's lovely book Sun Signs. Captivated by Goodman's vibrant descriptions of the zodiacal signs, I set out to teach myself astrology.  

Armed with an astrology text book that made the dictionary look tiny, I wrote out careful calculations and studied the many facets of the natal chart. 

I got through my first or second chart and quit. But my interest in Astrology persisted.

Over the years I've pursued this interest through reading, tracking moon signs and delving deeply into my own astrological chart - and what I've learned has been truly transformational. 

For me, astrology not only helped explain why I approach life as I do, but why other people don't.  It helped me make informed decisions about my natural way of doing things and the higher level alternatives.  Astrology highlighted and helped resolve issues in relationships.  It helped me forgive and eventually embrace my own peculiar nature. It helped put my life into a meaningful perspective.

Most importantly, perhaps, astrology helped me understand why my work is so important to me and how I can most effectively manifest my own individual purpose.

As a professional card reader, I get asked about coping strategies, personal relationships and life path issues all the time.  And while the cards can help us explore these questions beautifully, I have found that astrology adds a unique and very meaningful piece to the puzzle.

It will be wonderful, I think, to be able to offer clients a choice between these two potentially transformational modalities or perhaps a sort of synthesis.  

And so, forty plus years later, I find myself returning to the serious study of astrology. Except that, this time around, the math is easier - and I am not alone. Yesterday, my American Federation of Astrologers home study course arrived along with the name and email address of my instructor.

I can't wait to begin!

This is me (and it really is!).  Chart courtesy of

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