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One of My Favorite Cards
When I first saw the Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine's new deck Guardian Angel Tarot Cards on Amazon I was curious. Was it really possible, I wondered, to present tarot (all 78 cards of tarot!) in a completely positive light - WITHOUT watering down the meaning of the cards?

It seemed that the only way to answer that question was to buy the deck.  I didn't expect to like the Victorian hearts and flowers imagery but I did hope to learn something new about the bright side of tarot.  So I paid my $14 and pre-ordered the deck.

The deck arrived yesterday and I've been using it quite a bit.  While the Guardian Angel Tarot cards ARE flowery, they are also honest and encouraging.  For the most part, I feel that the interpretations printed on the cards are quite reflective of the traditional meanings of the cards and give clear and proactive advice.

As a professional reader, I will be incorporating some of these interpretations into readings for my more sensitive clients - or any client who is in a particularly vulnerable place.  As a tarot enthusiast who readers for herself on a regular basis, I may even find myself reaching for this deck when I am feeling vulnerable myself.

Flowery But Pretty
Like all of Doreen Virtue's decks the Guardian Angel Tarot is printed on very sturdy card stock and the box is strong and well-made.  The deck features bright gilt edges and a companion book that is almost 200 pages long.

While I did feel that the companion book could have been a bit more detailed I was quite happy with the deck as a whole.

The suits in the Guardian Angel Tarot are non-traditional (Action for Wands, Emotion for Cups,  Thought for Swords and Abundance for Pentacles and the names of all the major arcana cards (and court cards) have been changed. 

Some of these changes worked very well for me (such as Manifest Your Dreams for the Magician, Happy Change for the Wheel of Fortune, Letting Go for Death and Choose Freedom for the Devil) while a couple (like Win-Win for Temperance and Healer for the Queens) weren't as good a fit for me.  

The artwork in the deck IS soft and old-fashioned.  Many of the images look a lot like old-timey valentines but most are quite pretty, too.  And while there are cherubs, I found that I liked the tender, pastel images featured on this decidedly pretty deck!

To me, however, the most important thing that this deck offers is its very positive perspective.  I believe that it is important for everyone who reads cards to be aware of the entire continuum of meaning the cards contain and positivity is part of that continuum.

I also believe that those of us who read professionally have a duty to empower our clients whenever we can and the Guardian Angel Tarot can be a big help in doing that.

While the Guardian Angel Tarot may not be the perfect fit for every reader it does what the creators intended it to do in a very insightful way!

I hope that some of the following images will illustrate just how the Guardian Angel Tarot works.

A Proactive and Empowering Twist on the 9 of Wands

A Lovely Image for the Hanged Man
Probably Not My Favorite Image but a Good Re-Naming and Interpretation
A Really Lovely Sentiment - and Card
Another Good Interpretation and Re-Naming
Another Favorite (I do love the relatively few scenic cards in the deck)
In this Messengers = Pages, Helpers = Knights, Healers = Queens, & Guardians = Kings
Another Favorite Card (The Magician)
Whimsical But Very Workable (The Chariot)

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