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Both Tarot Circle and the NEPA Metaphysical Society began in my home and both have grown and evolved!  

This spring we began to meet at a new beautiful venue - Inner Peace in Wilkes-Barre - and I wanted to take this opportunity to invite all my local readers to check out our meetings AND the Inner Peace Summer Psychic Fair!

Tarot Circle  July 20th
Tarot (and Oracle Card) Circle is a fun and non-threatening way to learn how to read for yourself - and others.  We focus on one major arcana card and 4 minors each month (this month - the Hanged Man and the three's) plus oracle cards.  We also do fun exercises and practice giving readings as a group.

Please join us on the 3rd Thursday of the month (which is tomorrow July 20th) at Inner Peace.  RSVP through our Meetup group or the Inner Peace event page!

The Summer Psychic Fair July 23rd
Check out the Summer Psychic Fair at Inner Peace this Sunday July 23rd!

There will be lots of great readers of every description (including yours truly).  Please take a moment to stop by my table for a reading, to sign up for my free reading give-away, or just to say hi.  I will have plenty of brochures on Tarot Circle, the NEPA Metaphysical Society and my services on hand.

RSVP and info here!

The NEPA Metaphysical Society August 3rd
The NEPA Metaphysical Society meets on the first Thursday of the month at Inner Peace.  

Each meeting focuses on a different topic.  We offer group meditations, practice sessions, films, presentations, and discussion.  Please join us for our August 3rd meeting.  Owner of Inner Peace, Donna Will, will be presenting on the topic of the human aura.  Following the presentation, we'll do a short guided meditation and put what we've learned into practice - reading auras!

RSVP via the our NEPA Metaphysical Meetup Event or the Inner Peace Facebook Event Page (coming soon)!

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