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Renoir "The Umbrellas"
On Wednesday I visited my friend Tara. We had tea and read cards and talked about our projects and dreams. 

And somewhere inside of all of that Tara's dream of having a successful online shop became my dream and we decided that I would be brilliant.

So on Thursday morning I got up and started updating my orphaned Etsy shop. I made a new banner, renewed a couple of expired listings and Mystical Living was reborn.

I spent most of Friday planning my inventory. I thought about jewelry design and stained glass making and sculpting - all of which I did reasonably well in another place and time - and began to order the supplies I would need.

Last night I began my first project, a sculpted Palmistry Hand.  This morning I worked on my new listings. They included a decoupaged tarot box I did a few months back, vintage religious items and a handful of books I will not be re-reading.

While all of this activity was proactive and optimistic and forward thinking, it felt strange to be venturing into the realm of hands-on creativity after what has been a very long hiatus.  By evening I was beginning to have second thoughts. 

So I got out my notebook and looked at the things I had written down as Tara read my cards.  One line in particular stood out.
All successful people have struggled with self-doubt.
There was a time when I judged my work based on how I felt about it and I think that a lot of other people do that as well. But what we feel about our work isn't always reasonable or generous.  As a matter of fact, often it is the opposite.

There are many different reasons why we are so hard on ourselves but, looking at it tonight, I realized the why and the wherefore just wasn't relevant.

No matter how harsh or how biased our judgement of our own work may be, our part is to struggle against ALL condemnation. And that is what I intend to do.

I invite you to join me.
...and finally I came to the conclusion that I knew neither how to paint nor draw. In a word, Impressionism was a blind alley, as far as I was concerned... Pierre-Auguste Renoir  1883
Update August 21st:

My little shop is coming along.  Only one of the items on my cyber shelves is hand-made as of this point.  But more are coming!

Check it out at!

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  1. Love it Barb! You inspire me! We always have fun on our gypsy night out!

    1. Thanks Tara. We do have fun! And I love how supportive we are of each other <3


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