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Over the last several months New Age author turned born again Christian, Doreen Virtue, has disavowed many of the New Age teachings she once promoted.  

In a 39 minute video, released April 2017 (and subsequently deleted from her YouTube "Angel Channel") Virtue talked at length about Jesus, demonic energies and  her recent baptism.  

While I am supportive of  Doreen Virtue's new path, I do feel I have to go on record by saying that I don't agree
with some of the points made in this particular video.

Most troublesome for me was Doreen Virtue's claim that only (the real) Jesus can rescue individuals (of any religion) from the lower energetic realms she calls hell.

For me, there is no reason to think that deities venerated in other religions, such as Buddha or Brahma, are in anyway inferior to Jesus.

While I think of Jesus and Mary as highly evolved energetic beings central to my faith, I do not believe that this relationship is the only spiritual scenario available.  In fact I feel quite sure that other equally valid scenarios exist.

This is because I believe that there is a pure and fundamental energy that infuses all religions that many of us call God or Spirit.  We may interpret and receive that energy in different ways but I don't think that any one of us should claim to know what is real or right for others.

To me, when it comes to Christianity, it is the message of Jesus that matters most and a big part of that message centers on the concept of love and acceptance.  Acceptance of Doreen Virtue.  Acceptance of all Christian perspectives.  Acceptance of New Age practitioners AND the followers of every other religion both present and past.

In my opinion, that is the kind of attitude the real Jesus might expect.

UPDATE:  I wrote this post when I was still coming to understand Christianity and the message of Jesus and want to say publicly that Doreen Virtue knew a lot more about Jesus than I did at this time.  Now that I am a full-fledged Bible believing Christian I know that Jesus himself said that he was the way, the narrow gate that few would enter.  While I do respect other people and their choices, I also believe that everything Jesus said was true.  My apologies for not getting this earlier!

*To read my first Doreen Virtue Conversion post, please see Doreen Virtue, Christianity & the Fine Art of Getting It Right.  For more on my journey towards Christianity, please see The Winding Road to My True Home.

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  1. As Doreen Virtue's story of visitation by Christ, his mother & another figure and being born again then at 18 does not line up with her story she reworked telling people she did not know who Jesus was till she saw him Jan 2017 people should be aghast.. Also she was caught on camera on church live stream lying to people in church she claims to have seen the Christ in.. she tells them she has moving to Seattle where she had never been before.. She has been to Seattle several times. The lies don't stop with her .. even in the church where she claimed to have seen the Christ. Min 55 beyond: . Virtue was at East West Books in Seattle spring of 2012.. Virtue did an event with John Holland in Seattle fall 2012..

  2. Hi Anon. Thanks for commenting.

    I don't know anything about Seattle but I think when Doreen Virtue said she didn't know Jesus prior to converting she meant - really - know him.

    But the truth is I don't know what's in her heart or how real this is to her. A lot of people were disappointed and hurt by her comments and I feel bad about that.

    Sending you love and light <3


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