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I began reading tarot cards in 1970 at the age of 13. There were no oracle decks back then, at least not any that I was aware of.

But at some point around ten years ago I was introduced to my first Doreen Virtue Oracle deck. Shortly thereafter I started using oracle cards along side of tarot. And I couldn't be happier with the results.

While tarot and oracles certainly can be used for standalone readings, I find that combining the two provides deeper insight and direction than I might get from using one, or the other, alone.

To help illustrate how this works for me, I wanted to share the tarot / oracle hybrid reading I did today along with an image of the entire reading (below).

My question had to do with my life path which has become a bit muddy as of late between my business interests (card reading, design and writing) and metaphysical studies (Gnosticism, Astrology, and the Seven Rays).

Is what I'm doing now resonant with my life path, I asked the cards.  Does all of this really work together?  And if so, how?

I began with my standard six card tarot spread and then because it was a life path question I layered in Doreen Virtue's Life Purpose Oracle Cards, to help clarify and expand upon the cards already placed

What I loved about this reading is the insight I received through the tarot and oracle combos coupled with the internal consistency of the oracle cards that showed up.  Because the Life Purpose oracle deck features a  wide range of occupations I found it validating to see that writing, study, art and teaching figured so prominently in this reading!

So what did this reading tell me that I might not have got from using either tarot or oracle cards alone?
  • Some of my best (and potentially most profitable) ideas are likely to come from my metaphysical studies though I do need to go within (and stop second guessing myself) ASAP.  
  • I could look at art and design as a way to help unblock my creativity instead of one more thing on the never ending to-do list.  
  • I could NOT let my many projects (and scarcity thinking) detract from the book I so need to write.  
  • I can (and probably will) help balance karma through the service or teaching, possibly quite close to home.  
  • There is a lot I still need to release and my struggle with self-doubt and worry is ongoing.  
  • On the plus side however, my direction is good and writing is still my personal endgame.  It is the 'how' of my question and the piece that links everything together.
  • And last, but not least, from all indications I AM on the right path.
The Whole Full Table Reading (note the negativity and conflict I need to "Let Go" of)

Four Very Telling Oracle Cards
Very Resonant Last Card Drawn
This Morning's Daily Draw from the Angel Therapy Oracle Deck

My Card Reading Buddy

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