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As of September 4th, my internet radio show Indigo Sunrise will be resuming its monthly Monday morning broadcast at a brand new time.

From then on, I'll be on the 1st Monday of every month at 8AM ET.  I think this will be a better and more workable time for me, allowing for the time I need in the early morning to meditate and write. I also hope it will be more convenient for others.

Also, due to popular demand, I will now be including two to three on-ar readings, as time permits, at key points in the show!

The basic format of the show will stay the same.  I'll begin with the Lunar / Solar Update, share a Special Topic or Guided Message and close with a Group Reading for the week to come. 

In between these segments I'll take a caller and do a live mini reading.  Because the show is only a half an hour long, I will probably only be able to fit in two to three readings per episode.  Maybe in the future we can expand the time but for right now a half hour feels right.

I really do love doing readings on air and have missed doing them a lot.  The only problem with taking calls for readings, from my perspective, is that archive listeners aren't particularly interested in hearing other people being read for.  

I hope the new format will be a nice compromise that will work well for everyone!

"See" you Monday September 4th at 8 AM ET!

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