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This Monday we will see a full Solar Eclipse all across the US. Something that hasn't happened in our country since 1918.

During a Total Solar Eclipse the Moon is positioned directly between the Earth and Sun. From our perspective, here on Earth, the Moon blocks out the Sun. The world darkens. The air cools. The wind may even pick up.

For some this event will feel odd or surreal. Others will experience it as a wave of powerful energy. For many such experiences will occur whether viewing the Eclipse or not.

Online sources describe Monday's Eclipse as cosmic opening or gateway. But I think of it a bit differently. To me, this Eclipse is not so much an opening as it is an initiation. And by initiation I mean initiation in the old mystery school sense of the word.

In the mystery schools of the ancient world an initiation was a metaphorical death. A time when the seeker left behind their old self, in order to be reborn. In those days initiation was celebrated in ritual. In our time, spiritual initiation is often experienced quite literally in the form of a traumatic event or dark night of the soul. For me, the actual darkness of the Eclipse parallels such initiations, old and new.

That this Eclipse occurs in Leo, a sign associated with our persona or ego, is not insignificant. When we evolve spiritually there is much in our egoic nature (or personality) that must be released or transformed. Such a release is facilitated by the darkness of the initiatory process.

To the spiritually attuned, the energy of August 21st Eclipse may or may not be an easy energy to process but the opportunity remains available to all. And this opportunity is about much more than letting go or releasing!

From a spiritual perspective, a spiritual initiation gifts us with a new, higher frequency energy. Thanks to this energy we may experience a moment of clarity or burst of illumination that lights the path ahead, if briefly.

When that light fades, we begin the work of integration. In time, we traverse the path we have been shown (Bailey, Initiation Human and Solar).

For those of us who work with 7 Rays or Ascended Masters teachings, as communicated by Bailey, Prophet, Jones* and others, a clear connection can be made between this Eclipse and the energy of the 2nd Ray of Illumination and Wisdom.

This isn't only because illumination is common to both but because the 2nd Ray is also strongly associated with Initiation (Bailey). And it helps, I think, that this ray's yellow color reminds us of our Sun. 

Others may wish to work with the First Ray of Protection as associated with Archangel Michael, Monday and the color Blue. In my mind, either will do.

But you don't have to work with the Rays to benefit from the energy of this Eclipse!

Take some time this weekend to set your intentions about what you hope to release - and receive.  Spend some time in meditation on the day of Eclipse. After grounding and surrounding yourself with white light, perform the light and / or solar centered meditation of your choosing or open yourself up to the Yellow Ray of Illumination (intuitively or by following The Flame of Illumination and Wisdom Meditation). 

Realize that major growth is likely to occur in the days ahead  Be prepared to see things in a new and more insightful way. Allow old patterns will dissolve and  outdated dynamics to shift. Embrace the new and vibrant energy that will be made available.

Because this Eclipse conjuncts Regulus, the fixed star in my chart, and falls on the day before my 60th (Leo) birthday, I intend to make the most of this once in lifetime cosmic event!

* While there are many great resources for the Ascended Masters / 7 Ray teachings one of the most accessible (and lovely) is the Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louise Jones.  It is NOT inexpensive but when you get this beautifully illustrated, well constructed, gilt-edged hardcover you'll understand why <3

For info on where and how you can view the Eclipse including weather and viewing device construction please see my next post: Where & How to View

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