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My ebay shop, Mystical Living.
My little shop is coming along. 

I have a few items up.  Only one is handmade but the rest are nice vintage items and books I bought for myself and feel ready to pass along.

My focus is on mystical household and garden items, divination supplies like tarot sets and scrying mirrors, vintage religious and spiritual items, crystal bracelets, art items and metaphysical books.

Some of the art items I have planned are a resin palmistry hand and a 7 Rays Sun stained glass suncatcher.  Upcoming craft projects include a scrying mirror (made from a really cool vintage bubble glass frame) and a 7 Sacred Flames crystal bracelet.

My single hand-made item up now is the decoupaged Goddess Tarot Box you see on the left.

I hope that the shop will provide a good outlet for my creativity and a fun way to share the energy of the things that I like to do.  In that spirit, I'll be doing blog posts (like this one) on some of the items I make and how I made them so that readers on a budget can make their own.

I've been busy listing and creating and sharing and I wanted to do that on the blog as well.  I'm taking the same approach as I did on Shopify.  By this I mean that I make things that appeal to me. 

Oftentimes, I'll make two of something (as I plan to do with the scrying mirrors) and pass one along. Sometimes I keep what I make for a period of time and then let it go when I need space.

This applies to vintage (and new items as well).  I purchase things I like.  Some I keep.  Some I pass along.  Some I share after a period of time.

We'll see how it goes.

To check out my store please visit!

Decoupaged Tarot Box & Cards that are presently listed! To learn how to make your own, please see this post.

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