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Over the last several months New Age author turned born again Christian, Doreen Virtue, has disavowed many of the New Age teachings she once promoted.  

In a 39 minute video, released April 2017 (and subsequently deleted from her YouTube "Angel Channel") Virtue talked at length about Jesus, demonic energies and the "clean waters" of her recent baptism.  

I hadn't seen that video when I wrote my first Doreen Virtue Conversion post.  But I have since found it on another YouTube channel.

While I was initially mostly supportive of Virtue's conversion, I found that I had a problem with several points made in the April 2017 video.  So I decided to address them.

One the things I found most troubling were the comments Doreen Virtue made about Jesus, including her claim that she knows the "real Jesus" while others - apparently fooled by what she refers to as a "faux" (or fake Jesus) - do not.  

In the video, Virtue tells us that her conversion was precipitated by a vision - while her actual knowledge of what Jesus is "really like" comes from traditional bible study.

To me this makes sense - up to a point.

While I agree that many of the red letter statements in the Christian Bible do convey the true spirit of Jesus and may be taken directly from his teachings, I (along with a great many others) can't accept everything written in the Bible as fact.  

Basing her observations on biblical passages, Virtue refers to Jesus as "the son of God" who "casts out demons." She goes on to explain that this Jesus should not be thought of as "just another ascended master" (as is common in some New Age circles) and that many New Agers are "suffering" because of their contact with "lower energies" (which she also refers to as demons).

Virtue implies that various ascended masters are one and the same with such "lower energies."  She also seems to suggest that avatars venerated in other religions, such as Buddha or Brahma, may be inferior to Jesus as well as evidenced by her claim that only (the real) Jesus can rescue individuals (of any religion) from the lower energetic realms (she calls hell).  

Sadly, this attitude exemplifies one of my biggest issues with (some forms of) Christianity.  As a Gnostic Christian, I just don't see any reason to think that what may be spiritually true for me, must  of necessity, be true for you.  

Simply put, I do not believe that my relationship with Jesus and Mary (whom I think of as highly evolved energetic beings central to my faith) is the only spiritual scenario available.  In fact I feel quite sure that other equally valid scenarios exist.  Whether those scenarios include Lakshmi or Buddha or Dionysus just doesn't feel like my personal business.

I understand that Doreen Virtue is new to all of this and that new converts can sometimes be a little too enthusiastic.  I think it was a good thing that she deleted the video but I understand why it upset so many people.

On a personal level, I am bothered by Christian elitism because I believe that there is a pure and fundamental energy that infuses all religions.

To me, when it comes to Christianity, it is the message of Jesus that matters most and a big part of that message centers on the concept of love and acceptance.  Acceptance of Doreen Virtue.  Acceptance of all Christian perspectives.  Acceptance of New Age practitioners AND the followers of every other religion both present and past.

To me, this is what the real Jesus has always expected.

*To read my first Doreen Virtue Conversion post, please see Doreen Virtue, Christianity & the Fine Art of Getting It Right.  For more on my journey towards Gnosticism, please see The Winding Road to My True Home.

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