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I've been working with goal setting and the Law of Attraction principles lately and have realized that, if I want to be effective, I've got to be more flexible.

So while I really did love broadcasting Indigo Sunrise via Blog Talk, I've decided that podcasting is a better fit for me.  

One of the things I love about podcasting is it's flexibility. I don't have to be live on-air Mondays at 7 AM. This means that I don't have to set aside time on Sunday afternoons to plan my show. 

I am a free spirit at heart. So this huge for me.  I also really like Podbean.  My podcast is available on iTunes and Stitcher as well but Podbean is my fav.

I hope that you'll check out my upcoming Indigo Sunrise podcasts.  You can catch all episodes both old and new here:

  1. Via my website at or
  2. Through Podbean at
  3. On Stitcher and on iTunes.
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