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I had trouble sleeping one night last week. Since I had recently (and probably ill-advisedly) put the extra TV in my bedroom I decided to see what was available on Netflix.

There was a lot, of course, but I wanted something positive.

So I chose "The Secret."

It had been a long time since I watched this 2006 Law of Attraction classic and I was surprised to find that some of my original opinions had changed.

It no longer seemed hugely relevant to me, for example, that a Law of Attraction induced "best of all possible worlds" attitude might keep people from taking a stand against injustice. On a more personal level, I realized that I was beginning to understand that the concept of resonant vibration was NOT the same thing as blaming the victim.

While I did still feel that the movie missed some important Law of Attraction how-to points, I noticed that the materialism portrayed in the film didn't particularly bother me. Possibly because, having manifested most of my basic wants and needs, I find myself becoming focused on what comes next as well. 

Most surprising, however, was the realization that I actually believe in the Law of Attraction. Not because of what is said in the film but because I have seen the Law of Attraction play out in my own life in both good ways and bad.

Which led to the question - why am I ignoring such a potentially useful tool?

The only answer I could come up with had to do with one of the Law of Attraction how-to points the film didn't fully address - the importance of overcoming resistance.

Resistance from a Law of Attraction perspective is anything that keeps us from believing that we can successfully manifest a desire. Resistance may lie buried deep in our subconscious. Often around the same level as negative childhood messages like "be practical" or my father's favorite observation "that X is a hobby not a job."

While it isn't always easy to unearth these types of limiting beliefs, once we pull them out into the light we can usually easily see that they're wrong - and why.

What is a bit more challenging are those beliefs that seem to be positive but cast a shadow nonetheless. Often these are beliefs we hold about ourselves. Examples from my (brand new) manifestation journal include:

"'I am a hard and very determined worker" and "I am a good problem solver."

While both of these statements sound okay on the surface, they contain negative core beliefs as well. Such beliefs insist that hard work is the best (or even the only) path to success and that there will ALWAYS be more problems to solve.

And these are concepts I want to challenge.

I can do that by reminding myself that long hours on a project consistent with my personal mission won't feel like hard work and that things that do feel like hard work may not be central to what it is I'm here to do.  

I can also take a moment to note that even though I'm good with problems I really don't want extra problems to solve and that any enjoyment I get out of  "looking smart" through problem solving is absolutely not worth the cost!

Keeping such things in mind takes work and over the weekend I decided that having a few additional resources might help. So I ordered a couple of New Thought classics because New Thought is the basis for much of what "The Secret" and other Law of Attraction resources teach. Then I pulled out a book I already had.  

The name of that book is "The Success Principles" and it is written by one of the Law of Attraction guru featured in the film - Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield. I had a vague memory of buying it  after watching "The Secret" several years ago but had not got far with it.  

This time, however,"The Success Principles" kept my attention and by the third chapter I realized  that I have a LOT to learn about manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Lucky for me - learning is one of my favorite things. 

As always, I will be sharing.

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