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"The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences: How the Messages of NDEs Positively Impact the World" by Dr. Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh is a wonderful book, filled with compelling and enlightening first-person NDE accounts.

I loved the range of NDEs presented in this book - and found it interesting how each seemed to share a different aspect of the spiritual dimensions accessed during an NDE.

To me, this range - coupled with the very insightful commentary included with each account - is what makes "The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences" stand out among the many NDE books that are currently available.

Most of the NDE's shared in this book describe a higher spiritual reality.  Several talk about unidentified angelic beings or beings of light.  Even when a void was encountered, however, all the NDEs presented describe a place of unconditional love.

To me, it is also worth mentioning that a few experiencers reported limited recall or (in the case of Ainsley Threadgold) no immediate memory of the NDE at all.  For Threadgold, in fact, the near-death memory wasn't recovered until he underwent hypnotherapy at a later date. 

This recovered NDE suggests (as the very helpful commentary notes) that many people who lose consciousness during life-threatening circumstances and don't recall an NDE may simply have forgotten that the experience occurred.

I found this interesting because it aligns with one of my own dreamtime OBE experience of a friend's (unrecalled) NDE. 

I also found Dr. Sartori's explanation of the difference between a Spiritually Transformative Experience (or STE) and an NDE very thought-provoking.

According to Sartori an STE can have after-effects that are almost identical to an NDE. Having had multiple experiences I can now call STEs, I am very happy to know that such events are gaining recognition!

While each NDE shared in the "The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experience" is unique - certain repeating themes can be pointed out.

Light is mentioned repeatedly.  The feeling of being fundamentally changed through a dramatic shift of consciousness is often noted  - as is the knowledge that the experiencer has returned with an important mission to complete.  

Information downloads, as mentioned by Paul Ammons and Diane Goble and others, are common too.  Goble's account of what sounds a lot like the akashic records is especially compelling.  (More information on this experience is available in her book, "Beyond the Veil: Our Journey Home" as well as in our upcoming Indigo Sunrise interview.)

Another theme that was mentioned in almost every NDE account was a feeling of being misunderstood or isolated following the near death event, leading some experiencers to actively seek out others who had also undergone an NDE.  

The authors remind us that a feeling of unconditional love was felt in every NDE shared.  In my experience that feeling is key to all high level spiritual experiences.  And I am very thankful for books like the "The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experience"  that do such a wonderful job of making that point!

To listen to my Indigo Sunrise  interview with experiencer Diane Goble (featured in Chapter 10) please click on the player below.

To read about a few of my STEs (love that there's an abbrieviation!) please see:  Dreams: The Wandering SoulAn Experience of White, and A Wall of Azure Blue.

* "The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experience" is available for order on amazon.  I could not recommend it more.  Additionally, all proceeds are donated to charity.

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