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I have gone through a lot of changes when it comes to spirituality and religion.  

My family was (very) nominally Methodist.  We went to church on rare occasions andChristmas and Easter were celebrated in a purely secular manner.  But I became interested in the Bible anyway, reading the small white zippered by Bible my grandmother gave me all on my own.

When things fell apart for me in High School, I turned back to Bible studying both the old and New Testaments dilligently and saying the 23rd Psalm every night before I went to sleep.

Te Bible study and prayer didn't last but I connected with the Catholic church in early adulthood following a vision and raised my kids the the Church.  When my life fell apart following my son's accident, however, instead of turning toward Christianity I turned away.

In 2008 I glanced back long enough to say the 23rd Psalm late one night before I went to sleep and woke up the next morning floored by dream I wouldn't understand for years.  That dream led me to and from non-Christian religion, New Age teachings, Spiritualism, Earth-Based Practice and finally last Spring it led me home.

But coming home, I am finding, is even more transformative than leaving and as I undertake the process of settling in I realize that not everything I brought back with me is a good fit.

While my past spiritual experiences make sense some of my practices do not.  I find that my discomfort level with predictive card reading, for example, has increased to the point that I have decided to phase out my home reading business entirely.

I am not walking away from working with the public however because I do feel that astrology is still a good fit.  I can say that because I whole-heartedly believe that astrology helps us understand God's plan for our lives and that it is a tool that can help define our life path and mission.  

So today I reframed all my online material to reflect a switch from tarot reader to astrologer and I have doubled my efforts to finish my American Association of Astrology certification.  But this is only one step of many.

In Hebrew repentence is called teshuva, תשובה, which means return.  To me, this makes a lot of sense.

I'll share more on some of the other changes my "return" is triggering in my upcoming posts!

To read about my actual arrival please see The Winding Road to My True Home.

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