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Hi.  My name is Barbara Graver.  I began this blog, The Mystic Review, in August of 2010.

I had just resumed my spiritual path in the wake of an accident that left my oldest son profoundly disabled.

An incredible dream had helped me get back on track but I had no idea really where my spiritual journey was headed.  The only thing I knew for sure was that I needed to share it with someone.

This blog helped me to do just that.

Over the next several years I explored a LOT of spiritual and metaphysical topics as these posts will certainly show.  In the end however, I found that I had circled back around to a place I thought I would never return to.

That place was Christianity.

But while the place was mostly the same, in many ways, my persepctive had changed.  Thanks to those changes I was able to connect with a current that was deeper and more mystical and very much my own. 

I have done my best to explain the magic and the resources and the challenges as best I can.  While not everything you read here will be traditional, or even expected, I hope that in some small way it will bring you comfort and light <3

Love and Light,

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