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I don't read a lot of fiction but I am enjoying The Frequency of Souls by Mary Kay Zuravleff very much.  It was recommended to me by someone I met online.  This was when I was recording my own EVPs.  (MP3 to follow at some point).  The person who gave me the recommendation was from the UK and had named a band after the book.   Library Journal review of "The Frequency of Souls" follows.

"George Mahoney is a refrigerator engineer, married with two children, whose routine life is ready for a change when Niagara Spense is hired to replace a retired engineer called the Veteran. Niagara is a hefty, six-foot-tall woman who wears outrageous clothes and does not cover up the fact that she wears a hearing aid. She spends every moment outside the office in a trailer she has converted into a laboratory listening for the voices of deceased people she feels convinced are carried over sound waves.

George is a witness to her successful theory when the Veteran, who dies shortly after his retirement, speaks to them over her radio. George's obsession with Niagara leads him to discover not only the truth about his own past from his deceased family but also the significance of his voice as a husband and father. Pulled together with heartfelt and humorous situations and characters, this delightful first novel keeps us entertained to the very last page. Recommended for all collections."

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