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A series of small synchronicities have engendered in me an interest in owls.  The first event was a comment associating the owl with a tarot card I like to get in readings.  The next, a found item - a carved base-relief Victorian brass brooch that was a synchronicity within itself.  

The brooch (above) has the face of an owl, and two bright moonstone eyes.  As owls are widely associated with psychic ability and the spirit realm and moonstones have the same association, the happy coincidence of design and material made the piece ideal for Mystic Emporium inventory.  In the interest of offering it for sale, I did some research.  This was another synchronicity of sorts.

Already possessing a strong interest in mythology, the ancient middle east, middle eastern religion and Native American spirituality, I found the spiritual significance of the owl in these cultures not only fascinating but capable of speaking to me on a personal level.  Also fascinating, the symbolic owl's presence in the mythology of multiple cultures, all across Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas and it's meaning, while subject to the filter of each individual society, is remarkably consistent.  

Enough info for a book, obviously, so in the interest of beginning something I can finish - I'm aiming for a single short blog entry more or less specific to the spiritual symbolism of the owl.  I was hoping to have at least one done for Halloween.  This entry might be the best I can do for now.  If I can get the article done for tomorrow, it can be for All Souls Days which is after all a holiday for some.

As for the brass owl - I'm very tempted to keep it but will probably still offer it up for sale.  Owls are not, after all, my birds and it's my opinion right now that the significance this owl holds for me is, not as an amulet, but as an abstraction.  Items pass through our lives for different reasons and may in the end, have their own paths.  That's why buying and selling old things can be so very interesting.

Update:  Have actually decided to keep the owl brooch for a time so it will no longer show up as inventory in the shop.  Reasonable offers always considered, however.

After the Owl article, I will try to do one on my own direct experience with birds.

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