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A lot of people accuse Doreen Virtue of being fluffy but I have always liked her work.  While, not everything she has written is a good fit for me I love many of her oracle decks and find her self-development style books to be positive and insightful.

I especially liked Assertiveness for Earth Angels and Don't Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle (though not so much the name), now I like The Courage to Be Creative, as well.

As a sometimes struggling writer, I have looked at a lot of books on creativity and am always surprised to find some that are written by people whose only creative work is the book in question. This is not the case for Doreen Virtue.

An author of over 50 books and oracle decks, Virtue isn't only creative, but successful at being creative, as well. Because she is a spiritual person, however, writing for a spiritual audience "The Courage to Be Creative" doesn't have the high pressure do-anything-to-succeed vibe that I find jarring in so many business oriented books.  Having said that, "The Courage to be Creative" still manages to deliver a healthy dose of practical information on funding, time management, promotion, starting a business, and working with other professionals like agents and managers.

But the real strength of the book is, in my opinion, what Doreen Virtue does best - and that is to encourage and empower others in a affirmation yet down to earth way. 

On a personal level, I found "The Courage to be Creative" helpful in improving focus, identifying blockages and trusting my own vision of the book I've been struggling with for the last two years.   Highly recommended!

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Also on my reading list, Virtue's switch to vegan eating guide Eating in the Light!

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