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Over the last several month's I've been reading my Bible a lot - though VERY haphazardly. 

So when 2018 rolled around I decided to honor my resolution to read my Bible everyday by finding a reading plan to help keep me on track.

I found several different plans but the one that appealed to me most was a Five Day Reading Plan put out by the folks at  Bible Class Materials.  This plan allows you to read the ENTIRE Bible in a year. 

I liked this particular plan because it mixes things up.  Each day you read something from the Old Testament, something from the New and (usually) a Psalm. 

I feel that this plan should work for me because, while it is largely sequential, it also offers variety.  The idea of reading nothing but Leviticus, say, for days at time felt daunting.  For me, this approach is better.

A five day plan appealed to me because it allows time to catch up if you get behind.  And because I
started the plan this week, I started out behind.

I also loved the free printable the website provided.  It can be printed and folded into a neat little bookmark that you can use in your Bible.

On the back, there is a tracker of the weekly readings.  Which is a wonderful tool to keep track of what you read.  So far I have caught up with Psalms, and am almost caught up with Geneis and am now reading Mark.

I did cheat a little with Genesis by listening to my audio book Bible (the  Dramatized Audio KJV Bible) while I cleaned.

I have printed out a few to share with friends and so far everyone really likes it.  

You can download the free guide here!

*I believe that you could probably print this on one page (front and back) and then fold it but I'm dislexic when it comes to two-sided printing so I just printed mine on two pages, folded and used a glue stick to put the two sheets together!

Folded version - glued back to back with a glue stick.

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