Holistic Wellness & New Age Deception (Podcast EP 5 + Video)

May 19, 2022


About this Content:

Is holistic wellness compatible with the Catholic faith?  I believe it can be, with a few caveats.  In this video I chat about holistic wellness, new age deception and a few of the many resources of our Catholic faith.  

If you'd like to read my take on the difference between holistic and alternative health care, please check out this post:  A Catholic Nurse's Take on Holistic Wellness.

About the Video

I sometimes get a little rattled when I do videos (especially when my pup is barking at me through the door) and make mistakes.  In this one I said hypotension instead of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) TWICE.  I also said "most" toxic medicine is based on herbs which is wrong, wrong, wrong.  I meant to say "some" - which I suspect most people already know.

I do a bit better in the podcast version!

About the Podcast:

I am going to be doing less live videos and more podcasts. All of the podcasts will still post to YouTube but not all will have video going forward. So, if you like to listen to content via a podcast player, please look for (and follow) my podcast: New Age To Catholic!

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