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December 22, 2021


In 2022 my YouTube channel will focus on spiritual warfare, the influence of the New Age and occult (in everyday life and in the media) AND our beautiful Catholic faith.  The overarching theme of the channel is a Catholic approach to spiritual warfare and I think that's the direction I'll be taking here in this blog as well.

Because I opened so many doors to the demonic over the course of my life (during the seven dedicated years I spent in the new age and occult and prior through a lifetime of dabbling) I deal with a fair amount of spiritual warfare.  

As a topic, spiritual warfare interests me and I want to learn more about it and share what I learn in my media.  But it is also part of my everyday experience and I think that it probably always will be.  More importantly - this does NOT make me in anyway unique.  

Everyone is subject to the ordinary action of the devil via temptation and I believe that more and more people are affected by the extraordinary action of Satan as well.  So I think it's important to talk about this in my media and ebooks.

The video above (or at this link if you're reading via digest) is the trailer to my channel.  It's very short but it does cover the basics of my channel.  The cover image is a little spammy looking but I wanted to get people's attention.  And I think that cover does that - for better or worse!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel at youtube.com/c/BarbaraGraver - I'd interested - AND keep checking back here for more posts on spiritual warfare, occult influence and our beautiful Catholic faith!

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