Catholic Meditation vs Non-Catholic Meditation (Podcast Ep 8 + Video)

August 17, 2022

About Catholic and Non-Catholic Meditation  

This video is about the difference between Catholic meditation or meditative prayer and non-Catholic meditation.

Catholic meditation, like all prayer, helps lift our minds and hearts to God.  Popular non-Catholic meditations do not focus on God. Popular forms of meditation includes New Age and Eastern meditation as well as more generic "non-spiritual" meditation.  

Non-Catholic meditation has become VERY mainstream over the last couple of decades.  It is now widely recommended by doctors and therapists. Professionals will often say that the type of meditation they reccomend isn't in any way spiritual - but on some level most are. 

Because most people who have returned to the Church after time in the New Age or occult understand that popular meditation is a form of alternate spirituality, they avoid meditation altogether. But, while non-Catholic meditation can be spiritually dangerous, Catholic meditation has a great deal to offer.

I share more on the nature and practice of Catholic meditation - and how it differs from other kinds of meditation - in the video above  In my next post I'll talk about the 3 key differences between Catholic and non-Catholic meditation, and the reason why non-Catholic meditation can be spiritually unsafe.

So please check back!

Podcast Version:

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