Chatting About Witchcraft in My Testimony (Video + Podcast)

October 7, 2023

I love podcasting. It makes it possible for me to share information in a more coherent way (usually!) than I do on video. For me video is different because I can't look at an outline or edit the material. 

But I still love chatting on YouTube. 

So, my idea is to do both. One podcast a month and one chatty YouTube video a month (below). I may revisit this at some point and pick one over the other. But this is what I want to do for now. 

All content will be posted on my YouTube channel, but I probably won't put the chatty video posts on the podcast because I tend to make mistakes on them. And there is no way really to get a podcast back because of how syndication work with podcasts. 

Anyway, in this video I chat about writing the witchcraft chapter of my testimony and what that's been like for and a bit about the testimony in general and why I've felt called to write it. 

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  1. Thank you for continuing these podcasts. Keep up the good work!

    1. You are so welcome, Karen. Thank you for the encouragement <3


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