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May 20, 2024

About the Mystic Review Podcast 

Summer is a busy time and despite my best intentions, I've been finding it hard get to the YouTube videos I promised. So I thought that during busy periods, I'd do a podcast instead. 

I'm calling the podcast The Mystic Review because I see it more as an extension of the blog, right now, then a standalone endeavor. Personally, I've always found blogs that don't have interesting images and various types of media a little boring over the long-haul—so I want to mix things up a bit here.

I'll be covering the same topics on the podcast I blog on here. I'm also thinking I might do a little paranormal investigation (EVP recording) over the summer and share what I get—if anything—on the podcast. 

All podcast episodes will cross post here of course (and to the YouTube channel), though there is a podcast page because you get that free with podbean. The podcast page is at, if you want to see it.

I have three podcast episodes so far. Each new episode will post as a standalone post here on the blog and there is a player containing all episodes in the sidebar (scroll to the bottom if you're on your phone) and at the bottom of this post. I'm going to put it in the menu bar also.

So you can find the podcast here a couple of different ways. Or, if you listen to podcasts, you can follow The Mystic Review on most popular podcast apps (if I missed any please let me know) or on YouTube at

About Paranormal Investigation

A couple of people expressed concern when I mentioned doing paranormal investigation alone. I'll do another post about how I investigate things over the summer, but I'll just explain that part here.

I've done paranormal investigation in groups and never had much success with it, so I like going alone or with one other person best. I am very safety conscious, however. I don't investigate any location on my own that I wouldn't ordinarilyvisit alone. 

My favorite locations are historical sites or local cemeteries. There are a few I'll visit in the evening and some I don't go to alone, even during the day. It just depends on where the location is, what kind of area, how remote, etc. Most of the house investigations I've done have been in our own houses (we've had a few rentals and homes with paranormal activity over the years) or in the homes of people I know.

Also, in the name of full disclosure, when I say investigation I mean record for EVPs with a digital recorder and take a few pictures. I am not in any way high tech. Nor am I an expert, which is why I'm studying at Rhine!

Recent Podcast Episodes

Anyway, I'll post more on paranormal investigation in an upcoming post. 

Here is my most recent episode (you can see the original with video on YouTube here)

Here are the podcast episodes I have so far, including an old EVP from a cemetery near my old house!

You can read more about why I'm not physically afraid of spirits in this old post Ghost Energy and the Relative Power of Paranormal Activity

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