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I read a great article tonight on the blog of Rabbi Michael Laitman . R. Laitman is the author of several wonderful books on Kabbalah including Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life and Basic Concepts in Kabbalah.

Quote follows:

Question: "There are situations in life when someone insults me, making me feel very wounded and degraded. What is the exact order of analyzing this kind of situation?"

Answer: "In our current state, we are unable to tell what the right attitude to reality is. We are confused, being halfway between the sky and the earth. I haven’t revealed the Creator yet, but I am no longer in full concealment either. I perceive all sorts of wise sayings like quotes, expressions, and pieces of knowledge, as revelation, but that is not so. Everything has gotten mixed up inside of me."

"That is why Baal HaSulam writes in “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot” that during these years, a person has to maximally focus his development. This is a period of great confusion when I cannot understand the truth, but I no longer agree with the lie. I am simply thrown about from side to side."

You can read the entire article on R. Laitman's blog @ This author offers free downloads of his books on his website.

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