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The Gift, 2000, directed by Sam Raimi and written by Billy Bob Thorton & Tom Epperson stars Cate Blanchett, Katie Holmes, Keanu Reeves, Giovanni Ribsi and Hilary Swank.  I was attracted to it because of the subject matter (card reading).

Setting:  Blanchett (Annie) lives a somewhat marginal existence as a card reader in a small southern town. This movie is well filmed and has a very authentic feel to it. 

Cons:  Annie is asked to help solve a missing person's case - predictably - and there are some decidedly over the top scenes.  A difficult movie to watch at times.  Adult topics, sexual content and violence.

Pros:  Realistic setting.  Well acted.  Cate Blanchett is quite good in her role, as expected. Swank is very good in a supporting role (also expected).  Keanu Reeves is surprisingly believable as Swank's abusive husband.  Giovanni Ribsi does a wonderful job of portraying Buddy, a troubled client of Annie's and the center of a significant subplot.  I hate spoiler reviews so I won't go into the subplot other than to say it raises some interesting questions about ethics as they relate to card reading and mediumship.

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