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PMH Atwater is one of the original researchers into Near-Death Experience and a pioneer in the field. She is a noted authority on NDE, after-effects of NDE, reality shifts and transformations of consciousness. She has experienced three NDEs herself and interviewed over 4000 NDE experiencers. Her work has been sited in the respected medical journal The Lancet.

Atwater has authored numerous books on spirituality and NDE including "Children of the Fifth World," "Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story," "The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences," "Beyond the Indigo Children" and many more.  What makes "We Live Forever" different is that it is Atwater's own story.  In she describes her own Near-Death experiences and the life events which shaped her research and philosophy.

Surprisingly, "We Live Forever" is the first PMH Atwater book I have read even though I have read more than a few books on NDE.  How I missed Atwater's I cannot say, except that perhaps "We Live Forever" was the book I was meant to start out with.

Atwater is a respected research writer but she is also a gifted, sometimes poetic and highly quotable story teller.  Her accounts of her personal psychic experiences, her grand daughter's Myriam death, and the events of Atwater's own death are both convincing and moving.  What I loved most about "We Live Forever" however was the wealth of spiritual information it contained.

Drawing from decades of Near-Death research as well as the direct experience of three NDE's, Atwater provides highly compelling and detailed information about spiritual realms, the soul, opportunities for soul growth, Near-Death events and their aftermath and the reason why we are here.  

Of particular interest to me, and something I intend to explore through Atwater's book "Future Memory," are Atwater's ideas about time.  

I have never, I believe, conceived of time as linear and even as a child I suspected that people think of time as a straight shot only because our physical life follows that same apparent trajectory.  Cycles were everywhere in my observation and I conceived of time as cycling or possibly spiraling like an infinite slinky.  This model was not linear but did not include any sort of backwards or forward motion either - which made things like precognition (which I still see in terms of possibilities) very hard to explain.

The idea of simultaneous existence as portrayed in Jane Robert's Oversoul Seven always struck me as an interesting but impossible idea.  Reading Atwater's description of her third NDE and the strange synchronicity between that experience and the work of Stanford physicist William Tiller made me think about time and the possibility of layered dimensions in a different way.  And I am appreciative of books which generate that kind of thinking.

I am also very interested in exploring Atwater's new book "Children of the Fifth World: A Guide to the Coming Changes in Human Consciousness" which discusses the apparent leap in the intuitive, creative and abstract thinking in children, increases in autism spectrum disorder's and Cayce's fifth root race. 

To hear my interview with PMH Atwater please tune into the New Age Review Radio Show to hear the following episode (live this Thursday or anytime in the archive): We Live Forever: PMH Atwater on Near-Death Experience.

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  1. In a dream I received this: Life is like a string tensed to a point. When this line gets weak on one point, almost to break, THEN you can change the direction of this line and go forward to another point. This came to me when I divorced 18 years ago. So now a really go to a diferent direction into my future!

  2. Hi Bert. I love dreams and the wisdom they can usher into to our reality. Very interesting concept too! Thinking of the string as a structure, maybe it sometimes has to weaken to release? Thank you for sharing this <3


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