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Brigadoon: Ayre, Scotland
As mentioned in my previous post, I attended a two day Cabinet Mediumship Intensive last weekend at the Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary in Effort, PA.  

The workshop, given by certified medium Gloria Weichand, featured a day and a half of lecture, meditation and exercises which culminated in applied cabinet work on Sunday afternoon.  

Space doesn't permit a complete recap of the wonderful content and experiences I had over the course of the weekend but I am eager to share two of my most compelling interactions with spirit. The first which I addressed in part in my last post, involved my spirit guide.  The second is outlined below.

While I can't provide a detailed description of my process and perceptions in a single post, I do want to share the info I received.  It was the result of meditation Gloria asked us to enter into with the intent of meeting a new friend in spirit.  In retrospect I can see that this exercise built quite strategically upon the first and that our entire experience at the Center was beautifully choreographed by Gloria to give us such wonderful results.

Gloria asked us to retrieve 11 pieces of information.  The information I received is as follows:

Name: Reginald
Age of Passing: 54
Cause of Death:  Trauma, violent, crushing lower jaw.  Alone or not at home when he passed.  Not killed in a battle but may have been attacked.  Grief at not being with family.
Description: Tall, strong, shaggy reddish hair.  Beard, belt, tunic, sword.  High-boned face.  Colors bright orange-red and green.  Strong sense of a powerful, very upright presence.
Mental Makeup: Stern, sharp mind, strong, loyal, bright, exacting, curious, considered, serious.
Home: Second floor or higher tower room: scrolls, maps, stars, observing sky directly.  This where he studied what he described to me as "ancient wisdom, even then."  Also a large open room on first floor, exposed timber, plain.  Big hearth /fireplace, stone.
Closest Relative: Children and wife (who was blond). He loved her deeply.
Friends: Strong, rough men.  In some ways he did not really have much in common with them.  Also brothers.  He was loyal even when loyalty was not deserved.
Greatest Challenge on Earth:  Not especially challenged.  He felt up for any challenge.  Being loyal to those who did not deserve loyalty was really not an issue for him - honor is on you, not them.  Only real conflict was that his interest in learning and study was not really part of his station in life - something he could not share widely or devote himself to entirely.
Political or Humanitarian Figure Most Admired:  A King or Duke.  Wallace.  An older teacher or tutor (very wise)
Message for me:  He is here to help me study.

Coming out of the meditation, I realized that this was the second time this individual had come to me. In the first meeting (also at Gloria's) I had seen his face with photographic clarity and he had mentioned sacred knowledge then as well.  He had also mentioned the word king but I had the sense he was a leader but not the actual king (perhaps this was a clue to his name).

When I shared the knowledge with the group, one member felt that Wallace might mean William Wallace.  I wasn't sure about that as Reginald was not, to my ears, a Scottish name.  Another person felt a connection to the Scottish town of Stirling.  Both encouraged me to research the reading.  And so I did.

What follows it the short version.  A longer, and to my mind more interesting, annotated version exists but is way too long to share here.  I hit upon the name almost immediately after googling Reginald, Scotland, Knight.

Name: Sir Reginald Crauford, Knight
Born: Abt 1248
Place: Loudoun, Ayrshire, Scotland
Died: 1297  (apx age 49)
Married: 1275 to Cecelia (most likely) nee Swaine of Dannish descent
Children: Sir Reginald Crauford, Knight (1296 to 1307)
Office: Sheriff of Ayr
Ethnicity: The name Crauford is of Norman origin
Extended Family: Reginald did have at least one brother.  His sister Margaret was the mother of Sir William Wallace, the famous patriot.  The Craufords rallied with Sir Wallace in his fight against the English.
Contemporaries:  Sir Reginald was a "firm friend of King Robert the Bruce."
Manner of Passing: Sir Reginald Crauford, Sheriff of Ayre, was murdered by the English at the Black Parliament of Ayr c. 1297.  (The Scottish nobles murdered at Ayre were lured to a meeting then hung. This event did not happen when Wallace was a child a la Braveheart but when he was an adult.  Wallace was apparently warned of what was happening at Ayre, avoided Sir Reginald's fate and later avenged his death, along with many others.)
Colors: Pic of a historical reproduction of the Crauford tartan follows (stated colors red and green).  (Note I did not see Sir Reginald wearing these colors but rather as an association.)
Stirling Connection: There was a battle of Stirling fought in 1297 which Wallace led.  I am not sure if this was before or after Ayr or if Sir Reginald was present.

What was of great interest to me in this reading was that all pieces of information fit a real historical figure with several significant life events accurately represented. Details such as the Crauford colors, home, fireplace (a relatively new but very popular advancement in Sir Reginald's time) and clothing seem to be consistent as well.  

This is the first time something like this has happened to me and I found it very validating!

Please check out the following images:

Historical Reproduction of the Crauford Tartan

Crawford Castle Motte and Bailey

Loudoun Castle Ruin (I'm not sure if Sir Reginald ever lived here but like the pic above, it has a tower)

Wiliiam Wallace (the clothing of the day)

Norman Fireplace Popular in Sir Reginald's Time

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