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It's funny how things happen.  Less than a week ago, I was ready to give up on this blog - which probably doesn't sound like a big deal to the average, or casual, blogger.  

Cyber space is littered with orphaned blogs, after all, and most ordinary people (or dilettante bloggers) aren't especially troubled by that sad reality.

But I haven't been a dilettante blogger.  I have been a two or three times a week for four years at the same blogspot url blogger.  And my blog has become part of who I am.

So why would I quit?

Several reasons actually.  But the main one, the one that really was bothering me, was that my blog title The New Age Review no longer made sense.

My blog wasn't really a review blog though I did still do reviews.  And my connection with the New Age movement, which was alway a bit tenuous, was becoming more tenuous still.  I still liked a lot of New Age topics and knew that I would continue to write on most of them.  But I wanted to write about other more mystical things as well - like goddesses and nature and gardening and white magic spells.

I made a second kind of occultish blog but that wasn't right either.  I told family and friends I might stop blogging altogether.  But I knew that wasn't the answer.  I knew that I had been changing over the last several years, in a large part, because of the blog.

My blog, at its best, was informational AND experiential.  Sometimes that experience came from books but more often it came through doing things - taking psychic development classes, walking in the woods, sanctifying my home, connecting with spirit, putting my sacred study into practice in the amazing and challenging arena of life. Doing those things changed me and the blog helped motivate be to keep on doing and trying new things.

But it wasn't just the doing.  It was the writing, as well.  Writing helped me learn, helped me focus, helped me stay on track.  It held me accountable, yes, but it helped me understand my personal spiritual experience, as well.  Writing led to insights and those insights beamed right back into my conscious awareness from the eureka moment magic of my computer screen.

But what good were insights if I was writing on the wrong topics?

The truth was that the direction my blog was going wasn't really in line with the person I was becoming and I had to come to grips with that fact.  The day that I did was not a good day.  It was ground zero.  Day one.  And then the magic began.

Inspired by the goddess who showed up in my dreams and guided by Ellen Dugan's book Natural Witchery, I decided to cast a small spell.  On ground zero.  Day one.  October 23rd, 2014.  

As it happened, this October 23rd was an auspicious day.  It was the day of the solar eclipse.  The day that the sun and the moon sailed into Scorpio together.  The day that the new moon was born in a sign that looms large in my chart. On this day, I lit a candle and spoke a short spell for help with my blog and my writing and my overall creative process. And then I settled in to wait.

As I waited, I searched for a new blog name, brainstormed with those who were close to me, made lists and charts and name maps and sketches.  I received enigmatic clairvoyant messages and tarot cards that promised things I couldn't see.  I spent hours searching for available domains on GoDaddy where each dotcom I looked at was worse than the one before. On day six or seven or eight, my son Andrew suggested a great name, Mystical Living.  But it wasn't available as a dot com - of course.

I didn't give up but I was really, really beginning to want to.  I was struggling.  Struggling not only with blog names and templates, but with bigger things to - like my decision to be writer, and the entire trajectory of my personal journey in spirit. As I struggled, however, something interesting started to happen.  I started to learn things about blogging - things I probably should have figured out a long time ago.

I learned, for example, that I could point my old blogspot URL at any dot com without resetting anything really in regard to my original blog.  I learned that blogs could have menus just like websites and that my best posts didn't have to be buried.  I learned that cool templates were available for 21 dollars if you could make them work on your own.  I learned that my blog could be saved and how it could be saved and, in some instances, I learned these things almost immediately before I was about to make that might have been the virtual death of my blog.

As the days passed other non-blogging things began to fall into place.  I realized that I loved the mystery of earth and sky just as much as I loved the mystery of spirit, that I liked ancient wisdom more than I liked new, that looking in was better than looking up, and that I had reached a place where I was no longer exploring mystical information. Instead, I was beginning to live it.

As I did, I realized that spell casting and manifesting and realizing our goals isn't just about getting the opportunities we need.

The truth is - real transformation isn't about getting at all.  Real transformation is about energy. The energy that knocks things over and out of our way, the energy that helps us find the tools that we need most, the energy that shows us just how to apply what we have learned.  This is the energy that helps us rebuild. This is the energy that makes the things that we build stand up all by themselves.

This energy is there for us, of course, but we in we have to learn connect with it.  And in the time between the new Moon in Scorpio and its sextile with Neptune, I learned how to ride the great wave of personal change.

And then, on day 28, I searched for my dotcom again and found it was waiting.  I checked my spelling three times.  I felt my heart thumping as I added to my cart.  And I took that small miracle as a sign that what I'm building here will stand.  

But I didn't stop.  The energy was still flowing and I let it move me along.  

Today is day 30 and I am just starting to put it all together or maybe, more correctly, starting to let it all fall into place.  I have a new template which is still just a bit buggy but it has opened up the blog, making all those old half forgotten posts much easier to find.

There is more to do, of course.  Designing.  Updating.  Defining.  And building.  But the true power is not in those things.  The true power is inside, in the place that real magic happens.  And incredibly, joyously AND magically that process is ongoing.

My advice to the creative person looking to redefine and revitalize their creative identity? Think about where you are and give yourself the space to discover just where you'd like to be.  Set your intention at the right point in time.  Honor the process that is unfolding. Trust in the universe. Do the groundwork. And believe in the magic!

Next week:  Evolution Through Blogging: The Lessons We Learn!

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    I can't even remember how long and what a nice feeling to just simply not care.
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    1. Hi Bruce. I'm glad you're seeing a shift. Me too <3

      Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. love which is happene totally on its own and it has been nice to not really care. I haven't checked stats,
    I can't even remember how long and what a nice feeling to just simply not care.
    I'm seeing this huge shift within the blog world where we are using other things to share products of love, see more,

    Love Spells

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