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I am member of the OBOD which means that I'm studying Druidry and following what is essentially a pagan path - though I am not particularly fond of that word.  

So not fond in fact that it took me a long time to accept that this path was mine.  There was something about reconstructing an ancient religion that made me uncomfortable and sometimes still does.  But it occurs to me now that this discomfort is, in fact, a reverence and link to a time that passed.

The full truth is that the energy of that time is inherent in the natural world.  And that's why the dreams and visions that tied me to that long ago time were valid in a way that clocks and calendars are not.  And so, for me, the old holiday, Imboc, isn't history.  It is a place on the wheel of the year and the turning cycle dark and light and every place on that wheel has meaning.  

Outside my office window, here in Northeast PA, the snow fell all through the night and into the morning.  The sky above the mountains is a light silvery gray and if the sun is lost behind the pale clouds.  But I know that it is there somewhere and I know it's returning because of this marker, this holiday, this space in time.

Imbolc is the traditional feast of the Celt goddess Brighid.  The goddess of both fire and water.  Goddess of creativity, fertility, healing and light.  In the role of the light-bringer Brighid reminds us that this circle will turn.

This Imbolc I will shovel new snow and water the Moon Flowers I planted on Alban Arthan and light a candle for the goddess and the return of the light.

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