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I wrote this article last year and wanted to share it again!

Memorial Day was busy and I didn't make it to the cemetery as I had hoped.  So last Sunday I decided to go and plant begonias on the graves of spirit family.  

After I had planted, I decided to take a picture. But when I pulled out my fully charged phone, it abruptly shut down. 

This wasn't the first phone I've lost to spirit and I was a little mad at myself for bringing it along.  I tried to restart it with no luck at all.  While I was trying, other living people arrived to visit nearby graves.  

Talking to my relatives was no longer an option so I decided that I might as well leave and check my phone again a few miles down the road.

Driving away, I felt the presence of my departed loved ones and begin to tell them a bit about my life path and ask for any help they might be able to provide.

About ten minutes from the cemetery, my phone finally turned back on.  I plugged in the auxiliary cable and started to listen to my audio book (as I'd done on the way) but all I heard was static.  In between the bursts of interference I heard the word 'path' very very clearly. Which I took as a go.

I turned the car around and went back to the graveyard.  This time I asked the spirits to please not break my phone and took the pictures you see in this post.

I once heard John Edward say that our loved ones aren't in the cemetery but I have to disagree.  I don't think they're bound to any given plot of earth but I do believe that they are there for us when we come to call.

I recorded my first EVP at the grave of someone I'd never met but, while I've communicated with spirit in many different ways, this is the first audible electronic message I've received!

**Please note:  This is a reprint of last year's Memorial Day article.  Just like last year, I won't make it to the cemetery until next week but I'll be sure to report back if something interesting happens!

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