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There hasn't been much Winter in Northeastern Pennsylvania so far this year making it possible to work outside in the yard far longer than I had expected.  This is a good and productive thing but the short days and long nights have still affected me.  That is as it should be.

One night, in late 2014, I asked for global life path guidance before I went to sleep and woke up with the song "Turn, Turn, Turn" running through my head.  Like so many messages from spirit, this one wasn't what I wanted to be told but what I needed to hear. And so all through 2015 I did my best to align with the energy of the seasons.

This wasn't always easy - at least not in a controlling / egoic way - but even at its hardest it still felt right.

Winter was a time of study and introspection and Spring was a time of clearing and planting (in a very literal sense).

In summer, I built things in both worlds simultaneously - and began to share my secret identity as a witch with my non-witchy friends.

Throughout Autumn I did my best to tie up loose ends, think about the year just passed, and set intentions for the year ahead.

That year isn't here yet, and in many ways, I am still in the process of defining it but a few decisions have been made.  One is to begin the formal study of astrology through the American Federation of Astrologers and I'm excited to share that I have just received the wonderful Beginner's Learning Kit pictured below.  

I will also be working with the new Janus software when it is released.  

Astrology is, to my mind, a vital part of the Craft as well as the perfect pathway to individual transformation. On a personal level, astrology has been instrumental in helping me learn how to flow with the turning wheel of the year - instead of stubbornly (and ineffectively) pushing against it!

I hope you'll join me in this new journey of discovery in the year to come.

Said song :)

For more on Yule, please check back next week!

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